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Getting Google Adsense to account approved on your blog

Getting Google Adsense to account approved on your blog

1. real and Quality Content:

First Thing 1st, would like|you would like|you wish} a top quality website and for that you need real and Quality Content, whether or not matter Content, pictures or Videos. Don’t Use Pirated content, don’t engraft Videos on your website or blog, you'll be able to solely engraft videos if necessary, few times in your posts, however if you may build a Video website and engraft videos from YouTube and Vimeo etc. than you're planning to be in massive downside as a result of per Google Adsense TOS they are doing not settle for sites with embedded or just – traced videos.
If you would like to create an internet site for Sharing footage, like some Humor sites than higher, don’t opt for Adsense. The Logic behind this time is that Google Adsense desires Quality Content (Preferably in Text) so their system might observe the keywords of websites and supply extremely connected advertisement for higher earnings and conversions.


Mostly image we tend job sites don't have text content, or we decide the content of those quite websites as skinny Content. If you would like to use for such websites (Picture humor Sites), here area unit few tips which may facilitate you:

Use Keyword made elevation Tags in the footage.

Use extremely connected Captions for pictures and check out to use much text in them.
Write a minimum of 50-100 Words text content with every image to inform the Bots that the positioning contains Text Content, note that Content ought to be distinctive and not copy glued.
If You're Applying for a blog wherever you share Text Content like Articles, Tutorials, and Guides than higher Write and Publish a minimum of 15-20 Quality Articles before applying for Adsense, check that that those articles area unit Indexed in Google and alternative search Engines properly, Use correct pictures with elevation Text in posts for higher Visibility.

2. Google Analytics and Webmaster Accounts:

Your website ought to be having Quality Content indexed in search engines, Google ideally. Thus check that to make Google Webmaster Tools and Submit Your website to Webmaster tools and build a correct Sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools and check that that you just area unit having Enough Content Indexed before Applying for Google Adsense.
For pursuit, the traffic of your blog and supply of that traffic you wish to make a Google analytics account, thus register for one exploitation your Gmail account.

3. correct Navigation:

Google loves easy websites. Your web site ought to be straightforward to Navigate, correct classes, Menus, etc. the higher they appear and work a lot of is that the likelihood to urge Adsense approved for your website.

Think this way…

You visit a website and see poor or maybe NO Navigation, would you ever visit that website again?



Try to produce Menus, in seventieth cases; I determined that you just ought to have a minimum of one Menu to feature the highest priority pages of your website that you think that individuals can need to seem for. This manner you'll be able to place concerning page, or contact page there, or if you're privacy acutely aware, you'll be able to place Privacy Policy page therein menu to indicate to the guests however you defend their privacy.

4. About Us, Contact United States Pages:

You own an internet site associate degreed don’t have a concerning the United States, Privacy Policy and call United States page? Well, That’s rude, to your guests and to yourself too. You must have a Contact United States Page so folks might Contact you for any specific reason, like coverage some downside in your website, or providing you a Direct advertisement for your website, got it?

Making associate degree concerning United States page and Privacy Policy may be a should factor to urge your Google Adsense application Approved. Write a minimum of 300-350 words concerning yourself or your company or a minimum of concerning the goals of Your website or blog (whatever it is). Produce a privacy policy page to inform your guests that what proportion you care concerning their Privacy, however, you utilize cookies on your Website and for what purpose you utilize those cookies (Advertising or Analytics), tell them you care concerning their Privacy and can ne'er misuse it.

There area unit dozens of internet sites to make Content for your Web site's Privacy Policy (obviously Spunned) page, however, I don’t assume that you merely} ought to Compromise your website’s Image for just five hundred Words. Write it Yourself; it'll hardly take 20-30 Minutes to write down associate degree amazing Privacy Policy Page for your website, inspect some websites and their Privacy policy Pages to urge a thought. However, your Web site's Privacy Policy page ought to seem like and Write your Master-Piece.

5. correct Footer and Header:

You own a correct Well Functioning web site. Produce a Footer and add few widgets to that, Write a touch concerning your website in footer and link high pages of your websites in footer, like concerning United States, Contact Us, etc. correct Header like Company’s emblem, Search bar, Menus, etc ought to be covering Header to create your website Look higher.

6. take away Ads of alternative Companies:

This is the foremost vital factor you have got to try and do to your website right Before Applying for Google Adsense. If you don’t have Google Adsense on your website then you would possibly be exploitation another advertisement for generating revenue for your website, perhaps Bidvertiser or Infolinks, take away all advertisements from your website before applying for Google Adsense.

7. Optimize your Website:

Google Likes quick loading Websites, a website that hundreds quickly area unit the sites Google Love. Google additionally loves Mobile Friendly websites to indicate advertisements to Mobile Audience. Optimize Your web site for quicker loading and Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

8. User-Friendly Website:

All the points I explained on top of area unit that specializes in making a secure website. Google loves secure websites that’s why they need to enclose all that in their TOS. Observe alternative websites and check out to gauge your website, is it trying all good? Can it Work Better? Can User love Your Site? You may get your Answer.

Well once I have coated all on page factors, here area unit alternative factors you must detain mind whereas Applying for Adsense.

9. offer correct info (While Applying):

While Applying for Google Adsense, Filling the shape, keep these items in Mind for obtaining your Application approved. Check that the World Health Organization|one that|one who}se recipient name you're getting into within the type has a National identification because it is that the same person who would be able to receive cash solely (I guess currently you'll be able to amendment it), your Main focus ought to be Providing good info within the type.

Now this time affects tons on the overall image of your website and Application, try and enter Address that is simple, Like beginning with House variety, address, Block, Area, postcode, City, etc. If you don’t have correct Address, you'll be able to Apply from your friend’s address. Make sure to fill right Address as a result of it’s the address wherever they're going to send you verification PIN via mail.

10. Branded Email Address:

While Applying check that to enter your Branded email address, rather like  "". It will increase the prospect of obtaining your application approved by Google Adsense. Some folks strive while not it and acquire success however they own the first good websites and Blogs, if you own one in all the simplest, go and check out it.

Extra TIP:
Remove Any quite visible Traffic counter from your website, take away any quite back-links you're giving to alternative websites (bad ones) this may cut back the chance for obtaining rejected. If your application gets rejected than don’t panic, add some much amazing Content and apply when a minimum of two weeks. Smart Luck from my aspect for obtaining Adsense Approved for your web site; If you get into any downside or need to raise something you're powerless to grasp, be at liberty to throw a Comment, I’ll strive my best to resolve your downside.


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